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When you think of the job you loved, funny enough, the odds are, it wasn’t the paycheck that produced fond memories but more likely the people you worked with the satisfaction you received from feeling appreciated for your contributions whether for the company or for your colleagues/team members.

The cost of taking employees for granted is high. According to research by Gallup, those who do not feel adequately recognized say they are twice as likely to quit!!

Building and maintaining relationships with your colleagues/team is vital to your success!


1. Praise effort, not just achievements
For example – If an employee works hard on a tender or project, but the end result is unsuccessful, still acknowledge the effort that went into the job.

2. Remember birthdays and other milestones or the little things you had in common
Being engaged with your employee means remembering the little things. The names of their family members, their hobbies or favorite sports team. Make genuine conversation.

3. Be strategic and sincere
Sincerity is key to recognition

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