Inspiring and Transforming one Trainer at a time

The following is the introduction to my new offer that will give you the chance to break free from your
current job and start your own successful business. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email to find out more

Train the Trainer

train the trainer

Introducing Train the Trainer

Become an International Etiquette Trainer in your preferred Field!

Welcome to the world of etiquette consulting! This is a unique train-the-trainer programme (TT Programme) of four etiquette areas from which you can choose either one or more specializations, a one to one training or a group request – it’s your choice!

1. Certified International Business Etiquette Consultant
2. Certified International Social Etiquette Consultant
3. Certified International Youth Etiquette Consultant
4. Certified International Protocol & Diplomacy Consultant (Social and Business Etiquette Foundation is required!)

Our Trainer Certification Programmes – Inspiring and Transforming one Trainer at a time – are an excellent opportunity for those who are ready to “love what they do”, create a life they love living, a life with a purpose, a life that seamlessly fits around the lifestyle they enjoy and the passion for wanting to help others be successful in their business and social environment and make a positive difference in the world, then we invite you to consider joining this unique programme and our network of Certified Etiquette Consultants through the JMAMONI Lifestyle & Etiquette Institute (a member of the Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association Washington DC and member of the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy Brussels).

Who should attend?

All those who have the love to empower people to be more at ease in any given business or social situations but also especially:
• Entrepreneurs
• Sales and Marketing Executives
• Human Resources Managers
• Corporate Trainers
• Image Consultants
• Special Event Planers
• Business Owners
• Executive Assistants
• Career Services Directors
• University Professors

You will learn to teach the most requested and financially profitable seminars that we offer. That’s not all, you will also receive permission to reprint and customize our institute’s copyrighted materials and workbooks, one year licensing fee included in the certification programme and a follow-up coaching after a year.