About The Founder

Passion & Profession

Turning her passion into her profession, Juliana, the German-Ghanaian with Italian gene, Founder and Director of JMAMONI LIFESTYLE & ETIQUETTE INSTITUTE of Singapore,  a BA graduate in Economics, who lived in Africa, Europe, US and now in SEA, always had and have the desire to help and encourage people since her early teen. The Author and Opinion Leader also holds a degree in Hotel Management (Berlin) and a diploma in Men’s Fashion Design (Milan), where  she was mentored by a former assistant designer to the acclaimed Gianni Versace and a certificate in Basic Rules of Protocol & Soft Diplomacy (ISPD Brussels).

She is an advocate of a healthy diet due to her family history and personal life experience.


Juliana, the mompreneur, is not only an international Lifestyle Expert (The Life Guru), but also an Opinion Leader.  She is a real global citizen who backs up her credentials with over 20 years of working experience. Juliana spent 16 years of it in the International Exhibition and Conference Industry, where she could use her social, protocol & diplomacy and economic skills. She was responsible for the Delegation of Executives and Decision Makers worldwide, for the Representatives of the Company worldwide and for the Strategic Business Development of the section Design. She has a diverse background  in Hotel Management, the Fashion and Industrial Design.

More about her

Juliana has not only a highly proven track record in International Circles but also lives and breathes the rules of International Protocol and Contemporary Etiquette in her daily work/life. She stands for the “Etiquette of the 21st Century”, is a member of the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy Brussels (ISPD), a member of Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association (PDI-POA) Washington D.C. and a popular guest in the Media.

With this diverse background and the recognition as an “Educational Institute” from the Ministry of Education, Juliana is excellently equipped to deal with Contemporary Etiquette & Protocol (Soft Skills & EI) and Styling –  and therefore also able to certify.

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