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While many traditions and etiquette rules have been lost over the years, being a “perfect” host has never gone out of style. With that tiny bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can go from being just a person that put a roof over your friend’s head to being an awesome host that makes their time at your place memorable.

I was honoured and grateful to reveal, in an hour session organized by Expat Living Singapore, some useful tips on how to hone your hospitality skills and entertain with elegance and ease, whether in private or in business.

This can also be a best way of cultivating your “VIP” relationships. You do not only prepare the tidying up, setting the table or menu plan but also prepare, to me the most important part, like getting information from your guests which I call “knowing your audience”. There is no magic or special skill to do so. Just be personable, well organized, be genuine and make your guest feel welcome.

If you entertain with heart and soul, pay attention to details and you do that honestly, the rest takes care of itself.