Company Philosophy

Company History

Before expanding into a lifestyle & etiquette institute, JMAMONI company was a purely fashion brand in menswear, founded in Berlin-Germany in 2010. Throughout the years, the fashion brand developed and expanded into a Lifestyle Brand, ETIQUETTE & STYLING for both men & women.

The last component of  the lifestyle brand,  HEALTHY  LIVING, was born through the founder’s personal traumatic experience, which led her to years of self-studies and self-experiment on healthy lifestyle. Today, the founder Juliana, a top expert can accommodate you in a professional manner and give you the satisfying results you desire.

Who we are today?

We are a unique institute that provides training/workshops and consultancy in Contemporary Etiquette, Styling and Nutritional Advice, for Businesses and Individuals alike.

JMAMONI Lifestyle & Etiquette Institute runs a variety of courses in Mastering Soft Skills, Empowering your Life Confidence (e.g. through Emotional Intelligence) in your Personal and Career Development and to make you poised in any given social and business situation.

The Institute tackles Key Lifestyle worries and concerns, especially in Singapore, as cited by Expat Living Magazine.

Why choose us?

We are your one-stop solution for all key lifestyle concerns in Soft Skills (Etiquette, Protocol, Healthy Living) which is unique. Also, the Founder, Author and International Etiquette Expert Juliana, is a friend, an opinion leader and a top expert (nicknamed “The Life Guru” by Expat Living Magazine). In other words she is excellently equipped (experience and recognition as an “Educational Institute” from the Ministry of Education) to share with you her diverse global experiences and secrets with joy, as well as offer a highly competent emotional intelligent personality.

The JMAMONI Way is to offer our clients a global and easy-to-understand approach to integrate our Lifestyle Components (Contemporary Etiquette, Styling, Healthy Living – under the motto – LOOK Good, ACT Good, FEEL Good) into your daily life in order for you to stand out and succeed.

We believe in lifetime quality, we believe in long-term relationships, we believe in sharing love and knowledge in Soft Skills – for the sake of a better world.