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Disney spends a lot of money on training their employees, including the street sweepers  because they realize how crucial it is to have a functional team from bottom to the top.  When you work in an organization, you are serving many purposes other than the roles you  are hired to do. You need to be able to work in a team, not as an individual because you  represent the company as a whole.  

In any industry, you will be asked or tested for your soft skills, knowingly and unknowingly.  Soft skills matter even more in the hospitality industry, where interaction is very crucial. 

Many companies have a specific department that takes care of customer service and  complaint, that is sometimes called ‘Customer Care’ and ‘Guest Relations.’ Why do you  think that is? The product itself is not enough to make people come back to you anymore.  You need to show that you care about your client through your service.  

What brings people coming back again and again to a restaurant or a hotel? What makes  people choose airlines A instead of airlines B? To some, it is the food or the price and to  some other, it is the​ impeccable service. ​Especially in a hotel, service must go above and  beyond to make it memorable for customers. For examples; the way a table is set, the way  the room is decorated, the way the bed is done, the way your server asks how you do and  how you like your food, the way the flight attendant helps with your requests during a flight  and make sure that you are taken care of – they are crucial in the hospitality industry.  Customer service is a way of company to connect and retain customers.  

Another soft skill that I think is very important is the open-mindedness towards cultural  differences. Working in the hospitality industry, you come to face people from a very  diverse background. Customers typically do not share the same value and beliefs as you  do, hence why it is essential for us to be able to break the cultural barrier and help them  feel like they are welcome. If you happen to pick up one or two words in other languages,  you can use it to your advantage to connect with customers to establish customer  satisfaction and loyalty.  
Soft skills are not only significant to deal with customers, but also amongst your  teammates. Hospitality industry often requires their staff to work weekend and public  holiday. Flexibility is much appreciated where one can and willingly switch and change for  the greater good. When you have a team that works well together, you have a positive and  healthy working environment that is very contagious, even to customers. 

Now, how often do you provide training for your staff? Are you investing enough to provide  your team with the training they need? There are a few courses designed for hospitality  and customer service focused that you can enroll your staff in at JMamoni.