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Giant companies like Alibaba, Google, Virgin Airlines, LinkedIn, and many more have been mentioning how important soft skills are. I, myself have been observing a certain trend on leaders, especially on LinkedIn, preaching about all the attributes of soft skills and today’s complex skills. But, do they as Executives, Leaders, and Decision Makers fall to the category of ‘walk the talk’ group? Or are they just ‘all talk, no action’ group?

Soft skills are challenging because they involve people. It is a journey that cannot be acquired overnight. How do you value soft skills in your organization? Do you offer training to sharpen your employee’s soft skills from bottom to top?

When I conduct soft skills training, I often hear questions like “will our manager be taking this course too? Because no one needs it more than they do”.

Leaders, remember, you’re nothing without your team, nothing! A true leader needs realistic self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and good relationship management.

This is a call to ALL Decision Makers – I hope to see you in my class.