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While working in an office, it is essential that you follow the Basic Office Etiquette. It is important for employees to maintain a professional atmosphere at the office, after all, this does not only help in making the company/brand look more professional, something that always attracts clients,  but may also cost or help your career. It’s your choice!  The more professional the environment the more respectable the company will look. Hire professionals and they’ll dress and behave professionally!

Here are some of the basic office etiquette that everyone needs to be aware of!

Firstly, take care of your attire, remember it is Dress for Success!

While going to your workplace, you need to look your best. After all, it’s about displaying professionalism in everything you do and business is not a casual affair. You need to understand that office attire is completely different from what you might wear at home or while you hangout with your friends. Although some companies may not “force” their employees to follow a particular dress code, however, it is common knowledge that you dress to portray a professional look. If you don’t only want to rely on your mirror and may need a GPS to steer you in a fashionable direction, my Style Workshop can help you to get on the right track to dress for success!

Remember to make a lasting impression and you’ll gain trust!

Try not to goof around. You need to look as professional as you can. Don’t be loud, keep your head in your work, you don’t want to cause inconvenience for your co-workers (civility in the workplace). Make sure to meet and greet everyone you are introduced to and try to remember their names. Also, make sure that you are always polite and courteous. Just use the general phrases that we are all familiar with such as ‘excuse me’ when you want to grab someone’s attention or when you sneeze. Saying ‘please’ when asking for a favor and ‘sorry’ when you need to show that you didn’t mean for something to happen just makes others feel comfortable and respected. Thank the person when they help you out.

Try not to borrow people’s things, even if it’s just a stapler, without their permission. Make sure you don’t interrupt people when they’re talking, whether it is during a meeting or a casual conversation. Also, you need to understand that you must respect others privacy. You should not walk into their cubicle without knocking. Remember, the more courteous you are the more people will like you and the more trust you can build.


Be organized and well groomed!

Another thing that you must take care of is cleanliness. Make sure your desk or your cubicle is not messed up. This will not only show how professional you are but will make it easier to keep things organized.

Remember to wash your personal tea cup after you’re done with it and not just leave it in the pantry or on your desk. Remember to keep yourself groomed because the better you look the better you’ll feel and you’ll project a positive “well-put” image.

Never be late, after all being late is not only unprofessional but also show how disrespectful you are and your credibility is at display. Lastly, do not do things that portray you feel bored or sleepy so watch out for your body language. We are constantly communicating without being verbal. Keep your head up high, don’t yawn or rest your head on the desk. Show your boss you are engaged in your work and the rest comes from alone referring your career ladder (Business Etiquette).

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