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Many workers are taking business meetings from their living rooms, kitchen, bedroom or sofa these last weeks and with a growing number of companies asking their employees to work from home due to the Covid-19, netiquette such as video conferencing, skype, facetime etc. etc. is on the rise.

Netiquette also satisfies the social interaction many workers may crave nowadays when working from home. As it can also feel awkward letting people get a glimpse into your privacy or homes, here’s what you need to know about remote video conferencing in my ABCDE of Etiquette:

Topic Appearance:

  1. Your dress code can be smart casual or dress casually as long as its appropriately
  2. Follow your company’s culture when it comes to “networking outside” the company
  3. You can also keep the same attire you wear in the office when video conferencing
  4. Dress comfortably than usual at work if it’s within company colleagues “networking inside” but comfortable doesn’t mean your pajamas
  5. Copy TV anchor men/women and suit up at least your tops/upper body – it’s about looking more put together
  6. Tailor your appearance to the person you’re working or dealing with

Topic Behaviour:

  1. Get over your fear of conference calls, we are all in this socially awkward situation together
  2. Look for a background that isn’t distracting and put away personal items that may be embarrassing or things you want to keep private
  3. Establish a human connection, it is okay
  4. Find the light to be able to be seen, e.g. sit by the window to catch some light on your face, it makes a much better experience for others
  5. Make introductions, it’s all about personalization and it makes all participants comfortable
  6. Limit your distractions and do not type on your phone or check on your laptop – multitasking in this case can be disrespectful
  7. Mute your button when you’re not talking as no one wants to hear you munching on your snack
  8. Be patient and give people some seconds to unmute themselves to respond to questions

Even though you still want to keep some level of decorum when working from home, remember, people are more forgiving around these desperate times and measurements so etiquette might not be as stringent as usual.