On Highway to Nowhere

Why Everyone Needs a Mentor: Oftentimes, we need a support system to inspire us and get us on the right track to accomplish our goals. Most of us need a coach to hold us accountable, to be our [...]

Soft Skills-From Bottom to Top

Giant companies like Alibaba, Google, Virgin Airlines, LinkedIn, and many more have been mentioning how important soft skills are. I, myself have been observing a certain trend on leaders, [...]

The Rise of the Service Industry – Soft Skills in Hospitality Industry

Disney spends a lot of money on training their employees, including the street sweepers  because they realize how crucial it is to have a functional team from bottom to the top.  When [...]

How to Wear Your Protocol “Uniform”

My first introduction to the world of protocol was in the 1990s, and back in those days (I can’t believe I’m saying this), everything seemed to be a bit more formal and more [...]

Being Clever Is Not Enough – IQ/EQ/LQ

Good, successful leaders generally develop different kinds of intelligence. There is IQ of course, the intelligence quotient EQ, quotient related to emotional intelligence What Jack Ma (Founder [...]

Etiquette Courses for Asia’s Wealthy and Elites

The Newest Status Symbol of the 21st Century – Moving away from using luxury lifestyle brands as status symbol, Asia’s true wealthy and elites have chosen to show their knowledge to [...]

Cultivate Your “VIP Relationships” – Hospitality Skills

While many traditions and etiquette rules have been lost over the years, being a “perfect” host has never gone out of style. With that tiny bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can go from [...]

Meet Me – EL-Coffee Morning Event “Dinner Inspo”

31 May @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Hosting a dinner party is a lovely idea, but it can quickly turn into a juggling act between keeping your guests entertained and making sure the food doesn’t [...]

Youth Development – Lifelong Learning Education

We are facing the ‘challenge of change’ in the education system, with a new focus on developing a curriculum for lifelong education. Alongside this comes a call for fresh training for teachers. [...]

JMAMONI meets “Datuk Professor JIMMY CHOO Yeang Keat OBE”

Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo, well-known as “Jimmy Choo”,  What Comes in Mind? A reputable shoe designer, elegant and exquisitely crafted shoes, famed for making shoes for the late Lady Diana, [...]