Lifestyle Etiquette Unravelled – Fireside Chat with H.H Princess Maja von Hohenzollern

“Every woman, every little girl, deserves to be treated as a PRINCESS…” Join me at S1E5 and listen to this extraordinary woman with her unbelievable passion for the environment, [...]

Lifestyle Etiquette Unravelled – Fireside Chat with Angelo Russica (former Assistant to Gianni Versace)

Are you a fashionista, are you pursuing a fashion career or are you just interested in the world of fashion? I had the pleasure to interview the former assistant to the late Gianni Versace and [...]

Lifestyle Etiquette Unravelled – Fireside Chat with Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci is the Founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House Communications Director but, most importantly, he’s the best combination of IQ and EQ who does not hesitate to help [...]

LifestyleEtiquette Unravelled – Fireside Chat with Hannah Ferrier (BelowDeckMed)

Do you have what it takes to be in the yachting industry, working on a lavish floating pleasure palace, succeeding especially when knocked down by a higher-ranking crew member and yet persevere [...]

LifestyleEtiquette Unravelled – Fireside Chat with Jacqueline Whitmore

Welcome to my first episode of my new series “LifestyleEtiquette Unravelled”. I’m so excited to start this virtual fireside chat interviews with global experts and opinion [...]


Institute of Leadership Management

Remote Learning – Is my Child Complaining, Avoiding or Refusing?

Remote learning due to the pandemic has been stressful for many kids because “going to school” looks very different now. They are not in their classrooms with their friends and teachers. When [...]

Video Conference Etiquette Series –

The what if has become what now and the whole world is “suddenly” in remote working. Social Media is made for moments like this and therefore I will be covering Netiquette or [...]

Netiquette – The Rules of Video Conferencing at Home

Many workers are taking business meetings from their living rooms, kitchen, bedroom or sofa these last weeks and with a growing number of companies asking their employees to work from home due to [...]

Grow Consciousness in 2020

As we enter a new year and a new decade, we want to take a moment to thank you — for reading, sharing, and growing with JMAMONI Lifestyle & Etiquette Institute. We also want to encourage you [...]