Social Etiquette

The terminology may seem complicated and can make many of us feel nervous. But social etiquette/skills/intelligence is something we deal with every day. It’s the traffic light of life that helps us navigate better experiences from our social environment without crashing into each other. Contemporary social conditions and changes have been greatly effecting people’s lives in many ways and more importantly their professional roles.  We’ve coded the five core areas in Social Etiquette into A (Appearance), B (Behaviour), C (Communication), D (Dressing), E (Eating).


The Finishing Touch – Secrets of Living with Style & Attitude

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What is it about This fun-filling and interesting course is mostly for affluent women, wives, mothers, socialites, business women who...

Poised for Social Success – Mastering Soft Skills ABCDE (only Full Day)

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There is more to becoming invaluable at work than simply mastering good behaviour. Poised for Social Success is more about...

Being the likeable Boss – Likeability Factor

While many who enter into management and leadership roles want to be genuinely liked by the workers they supervise, seeking...

The Power of Body Language – Basics

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The ability to interpret body language is a skill that will enhance anyone’s career. Body language is a form of...

Stress Management

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Positive and negative stress is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive...

How to get a Work-Life Balance

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You can't have everything and do everything at the same time. That's what I've learnt. Work- life balance is essential...

How to Increase your Happiness

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It might sound a little strange to say that we should be happy at work. After all, it’s called work!...

Personal Productivity

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Most people find that they wish they had more time in a day. This workshop will show participants how to...