Business Etiquette

Success in any industry relies on relationships, whether with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you’re well-mannered and considerate in dealing with others, you create engaging, productive, and long term business relationships


Business Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work (only Full Day)

From $350
Business Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work (only Full Day) is a powerful, practical and profitable skill you can use...

Emotional Intelligence Level 1 (only Full Day)

From $350
Leaders can´t do it alone. They need to understand how building Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) contributes to improved performance for their...

Emotional Intelligence Level 2 (only Full Day) incl. Appraisal Test and Certificate

From $350
Emotional Intelligence Level 2 (Foundation of EI level 1, ideally with EQ online assessment test) This next phase of EQ...

Telephone Etiquette

From $150
In this growing electronic age, we often forget how important it can be to have simple telephone etiquette. Recognize the...

Customer Service – More Manners more Money

From $150
How to not only serve but wow your customers. Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize...

Networking Outside and Within the company

From $150
Everyone knows that networking is important to long-term business success. It is easy to talk about networking, but implementing it is...

Civility In the Workplace – Developing a Corporate Behaviour

From $150
Welcome to the Civility in the Workplace workshop. While a training program on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like...

Time Management

From $150
Time management training most often begins with setting goals. This process results in a plan with a task list or...