How to Manage your Staff’s Expectations

Managing a business, and your staff’s expectations is no easy task. Not only does the person have to take care of the business as a whole, he or she also has to make sure that the employed [...]

Etiquette Courses for Asia’s Wealthy and Elites

The Newest Status Symbol of the 21st Century – Moving away from using luxury lifestyle brands as status symbol, Asia’s true wealthy and elites have chosen to show their knowledge to [...]

The Value of Employee Recognition

When you think of the job you loved, funny enough, the odds are, it wasn’t the paycheck that produced fond memories but more likely the people you worked with the satisfaction you received from [...]

Youth Development – Lifelong Learning Education

We are facing the ‘challenge of change’ in the education system, with a new focus on developing a curriculum for lifelong education. Alongside this comes a call for fresh training for teachers. [...]

Enhancing the Power of Youth to build Business

It was a matter of personal importance and truly close to heart topic to talk at the YOUTEX yesterday – Youth Excursion Singapore 2017 Symposium. Talking to these young leaders from various [...]

Build A Smart Youth – Build a smart Population

I have been hearing on and on again the term “Build a smart Nation” and wondering whether we humans have lost ourselves in the midst of technology. What do you think about the term [...]

Youth Etiquette – BRAVO Little Ambassadors (8-12yrs)

I am thrilled by these young children who made their way today to my etiquette class for Little Ambassadors. We do not only teach these children good manners and how to navigate with cutlery but [...]

Yes, Social Skills Matter!

It saddens and irritates me when people tell me “for what do I need etiquette – social skills?” What are we at the end of the day….., SOCIAL CREATURES! Communication is [...]