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Youth Excursion- M. Fahrizal, President of Indonesia Global Network  I would like to thank you for taking part in Youth Excursion Singapore. Your talk on “Professional Business Value in Real Entrepreneurial World in Singapore” was one of the most interesting topics in the forum. It was an honor for Youth Excursion to have you as one of our resource speakers. We look forward to your participation on future events.

Youth Etiquette – Working Mum, J. 
Thank you for your wonderful insights into my son. You are truly a very special person to be able to read and see a person’s true nature so intuitively and quickly !  I will not hesitate to recommend your course to any other parent who is keen for their child to attend etiquette classes as well as anyone else who is keen on lifestyle and business etiquette

Style Fundamentals -Takami B.
What astonished me was that when I met her the first time, it felt like I´m meeting an old friend. She was an eye-opener for me.” (Style Fundamentals -Takami B.)

Youth Etiquette- Mum of Fritzi 5yrs
Your Youth Etiquette Class is so priceless! The entire six-week-programme did not only have a wonderful impact on our child but also on the entire family”

Youth Etiquette – Mum of Chloe, 7 yrs
It’s nice to have an outside voice. Please run the class for older students as well, many thanks”

EQ – Andrew SMU
Juliana, you are a natural speaker – confident and comfortable, powerful, yet approachable. I would recommend your presentations to every business professional. Overall, I believe you and your company are an incredible asset to the community.

Social Skills – Sandelyn, Student Affairs National University of Singapore
I hope our NUS students will learn something invaluable from mentors like you. Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to our students as I know the mentoring journey will be fulfilling for our mentees having you in their care.

EQ – Joycelyn K.
I enjoyed very much the workshop which helped me reflect and get me to improve from there. Your positive personality touches everyone you encounter, Juliana.

Youth Etiquette – Deborah MOE
We thank you for supporting our students’ Character Education experiences

EQ – Nur, WDA
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful presentation during our recent Emotional Intelligence Workshop, it was an incredible turnout! We received an overwhelming response and wonderful feedback from attendees. We are therefore interested in other workshops you offer for our clients as there is a huge demand of you hosting again because of the value of your training.

EQ – Edwin L.
Thank you very much for the excellent session, we do benefit a lot here in a multi cultural environment like Singapore or in a global company. I resonate well on what you have shared in the session. Thank you again and hopefully our path will cross again soon.

EQ – Jermaine, Trainer & Lecturer
You give and share so much of your knowledge as I have never experienced before

Business Etiquette, Ye Kuan L.
I would like to know more about your other workshops. You shook me up and I got a lot of different insights about Business Etiquette after the workshop. Your workshop is a much-needed primer for all professionals in today’s business environment.

EQ, Social Etiquette, Business Etiquette – Jessy C. Brand and Marketing Manager
We all need direction and inspiration and you gave me that in your powerful workshop. Your workshops are a must for all those looking to get ahead in life, priceless!